We got our proposal!

We got the call today advising us we had a baby girl. She was born Jan 4 2009 and is in an orphanage in Quang Ninh province in northern Vietnam.




One Step Closer…

We received an email last week from TDH – the agent we are working with in Ontario. They’ve advised us we are next in line on their all-important list for a baby girl. They are estimating a month or two before we receive the proposal, and then it will probably be close to four months before we travel, so still a ways to go.

Shuko and I attended a gathering of people who are either in the middle of adopting from Vietnam, or have just returned from Vietnam with their new babies. Most of these people are working with Sunrise Family Services, our primary agent here in Vancouver. Way back when we began this process Sunrise wasn’t able to facilitate adoptions from Vietnam directly, which is why they partnered with TDH. A few months back Sunrise began working directly with Vietnam, and some couples that were actually behind us on the TDH list switched to Sunrise and have already returned with their babies. We are so close now with TDH it didn’t make sense to switch at this point, so we have to tough it out for awhile longer.